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Army Boots

Eligibility Requirements & Application 

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The Houston Launch Pad has streamlined its application process. Just click the link below and access the application immediately. This can be done from your phone, IPAD or computer. 

Please call Nancy Perea at (713) 637-4174 to confirm that she has received your application. Nancy will schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with you. 

If you have any questions, Please call us. We are here to help you!

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  • Homeless-No lease or mortgage, eviction notice within the last 30 days notice to vacate within the last 30 days

  • Accepts Chronically Homeless- A "chronically homeless" individual is defined to mean a homeless individual who has met the definition of homelessness continuously for at least 12 months, or on at least four separate occasions in the last 3 years, where the combined occasions total a length of time of at least 12 months

  • Recently released veterans from military

  • Living with family or friends

  • In jeopardy of being homeless

  • Social Security Card

  • Valid and current driver's license or ID. Veteran must obtain a Texas Driver's License within six (6) months of being employed

  • Homeless letter or Letter of Service-(Can be provided from DVOP at Workforce Solutions, Veterans Administration, Drop-in Center or Transitional or Emergency Shelter


  • One (1) day of Active Service

  • Actively seeking employment

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